Sungevity Solar

Support Defenders of Wildlife by going Solar with Sungevity

Someday, the whole world will run on sunshine. But first, your home will. Go solar in your home or business with Sungevity, and support wildlife at the same time! Sungevity will give you a discount for being supporter of Defenders, and Sungevity will also make a donation to Defenders for every supporter who goes solar. 

How to Get Started:

1. Visit OR call Sungevity and mention the referral code "DEFENDERS."

2. Save $750 off your system price, and Sungevity will donate $750 to Defenders. 

More Details:

Global climate change is one of the leading threats facing wildlife today - and generating clean, renewable electricity from sun, wind and geothermal sources is one of the best ways to combat climate change. That's why Defenders of Wildlife is proud to announce our relationship with Sungevity - a solar company with a commitment to customer service, renewable energy and saving wildlife! 

When you go solar with Sungevity as a supporter of Defenders of Wildlife, you'll receive a $750 discount off your system, and Sungevity will donate $750 to Defenders for every supporter who goes solar! 

Adding solar power to your home is one of the most powerful ways you can persinally help fight climate change and transition our country toward clean energy - while also securing your future energy costs! And now, you'll be directly supporting Defenders at the same time.