Defenders Staff

Defenders' staff is as diverse and unique as they are dedicated and experienced. Drawing top wildlife biologists, government policy experts, media relations specialists, membership service representatives, lawyers and many more, Defenders of Wildlife puts all of their individual talents to use to achieve our organization's common goals.

By Department | By Name

CEO & President

President and CEO


Communications Associate
Communications Specialist
Media Relations Director

Conservation Law

Senior Staff Attorney, Founder (2001), Judging the Environment Project
Senior Staff Attorney
Senior Staff Attorney
Senior Staff Attorney
Senior Staff Attorney
Vice President, Conservation Law

Conservation Policy

Senior Vice President of Conservation Programs
Endangered Species Science and Policy Analyst
Conservation Data Specialist
Conservation GIS Analyst
VP of Endangered Species Conservation

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Field Conservation

Rockies and Plains Representative
Southeast Program Director
Director Southwest Program
Southeast Program Associate
Senior Southwest Representative
Senior Florida Representative
Rockies and Plains Representative
Outreach Representative
California Representative
Rockies and Plains Program Director
California Program Associate
Alaska Program Director
Southeast Representative
Northwest Florida Representative
California Program Director
Senior Florida Representative
Vice President of Field Conservation Programs
California Representative
Alaska Representative
Northwest Representative
Water Policy Advisor
Senior Southwest Representative
Rockies and Plains Program Associate
Rockies and Plains Program Coordinator
Northwest Program Director
Senior Rockies and Plains Representative
Senior Northwest Representative
California Desert Representative
Southeast Program Coordinator
Northwest Program Coordinator

Government Relations and External Affairs

National Outreach Representative
Legislative Analyst
Government Relations Associate
Director of Legislative Affairs
National Outreach Representative
Vice President for Government Relations
Government Relations Legislative Counsel

International Conservation

Senior International Counsel
Mexico Programs

Landscape Conservation

Senior Policy Analyst, Climate Adaptation
Senior Policy Advisor, Renewable Energy and Wildlife
Policy Analyst, Renewable Energy & Wildlife
Federal Lands Policy Analyst
Vice President, Landscape Conservation
Policy Associate, Renewable Energy & Wildlife
Senior Policy Advisor, Federal Lands